P&H – Autism
What we do​
Rising Youth is dedicated to providing joy and companionship to kids with special needs, primarily those with autism. Children with learning disabilities are often times misunderstood. Thus, we are dedicated to planning weekly social groups, incorporating small pets such as guinea pigs, rabbits, and hamsters alongside academic and artistic activities. We strive to bring out the best in these kids and hope that they will find comfort in both the companionship and friendship of loving creatures and volunteers, working to build confidence, encourage creativity, and ultimately breed happiness.

Our story
P&H was founded in the summer of 2016 by a group of high school students who sought to bring about change. Learning disabilities, such as autism, are often misunderstood as most people lack proper awareness. Rather than empathy, children affected by these disabilities have become the victims of judgement and scrutiny, whether it be conscious or subconscious. As a result, many children who are affected by these disabilities lose out on many of the opportunities other children their age experience. Yet, the reality is that just like any other child, their world is one of innocence and simplicity.

P&H was established with purposes of providing a safe and creative space for these children. One of our prospects from the very beginning aimed to bring these children comfort by providing small approachable animals, encouraging connections between the children and nature. Children safety is also essential in building this program. Thus, P&H partners with non-profit organizations that provide therapy animals to ensure safety issues.

As the organization progressed, the board of directors reached out to professional workers who specialize in the psychology field. Recently, P&H has connected with Stanford and Kaiser psychiatrists to better understand in an psychological aspect of learning disabilities. We aim to ensure that our kids receive the best of care and compassion.

Class Structure

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Every week, volunteers cover different topics with themes centered around holidays, children’s stories, etc. Schedules are then created by directors.

interactive time/games

arts & crafts

vocabulary ​

outdoor activity​

snack time

drawing/ coloring

other activities

Interactive Time/ Games:
Volunteers are trained to provide a welcoming environment when kids first arrive, encouraging them to find comfort in whimsical games.
Arts & Crafts:
Planned arts & crafts projects serve to foster kids' creativity and are centered around the theme of the week. For instance, lantern-making for Chinese New Year's and groundhog puppets for Groundhog day.
Vocabulary worksheets are centered around the theme of the week. Volunteers help kids familiarize with vocabulary, practicing pronunciation, writing, & spelling.
Outdoor Activity:
At our facility we have an indoor matted play area as well as an outdoor park. Volunteers accompany children with sports and playground activities, developing their physical coordination and interactive skills.
Snack Time:
A wide variety of snacks and juice are provided. Allergies are also accounted for as they are specified in paperwork.
Coloring sheets are designed according to the weekly theme, strengthening understanding through pictorial aid. All supplies are provided.
Other Activities:
Other special activities may be planned according to the weekly theme. For instance, an egg hunt is planned for Easter. This way, activities are kept interesting and fun for the kids.

Enroll your child

Sign-Up Forms for New Kids

If you’d wish to register your child, please scan necessary forms and email them to ryarisingyouth@gmail.com. Contact us for further inquiries.

P&H Flyer

Our official flyer.


January-April calendars detailing themed weekly social groups and events.


Schedule for weekly social groups, inclusive of arts and crafts, games, mini-lessons, and much more.
02:00pm - 04:00pm P&H
When: Sat, August 1, 02:00pm - 04:00pm